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“If they are going to try to reduce operating expenses, [firms] are going to get creative in terms of saying, ‘maybe we don’t need all of these people physically in the office space,'” she said. 

While Simmons doesn’t see it happening overnight, particularly at the larger firms, she does warn that like it or not, the legal industry is changing the way it operates even if it becomes 100% safe to go back to work.

“What may drive the transition and the evolving of the industry is the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the embracing of technology,” Simmons said. “The use of AI or artificial intelligence, whether for contract review or something else, may reduce the need for some support staff and some younger attorneys.”https://www.bisnow.com/dallas-ft-worth/news/office/dont-expect-law-firms-to-stay-the-same-post-pandemic-theyre-already-contemplating-sf-cuts-108628

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Camisha is the Founder and Managing Member of Simmons Legal. She is dedicated to assisting parties in protecting their interests in corporate restructuring, creditors’ rights, real estate transactions, other business transactions, and litigation matters.

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